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The Border Collie

Border Collie is a breed of dog that is quite energetic and run around all over the field that is why it is consider one of the best sheep dog around. It is not recommended as a dog on tied down to a post because of its energetic and playful nature. Seldom aggressive if properly taken care off, this canine breed is quite popular because of its high intelligence and awareness to the thing that is happening all around him. An acrobatic and athletic breed they are able to learn anything that are trained to them in a more faster time compared to other breed of dog. They are good in herding and their stare are quite hypnotizing to cattle’s and sheep’s making them obedient to this dog. The usual color of these breed is a black and white combination, but you can see color ranging from red, gray yellow and sable. Usually a combination of two colors but some can also be born with combination of three colors.
Because of their very active nature, Border Collie are not suitable as an indoor pet. They cannot maintain composure inside an apartment complex and are suitable in large field and vast estate where they can run around all they want. As long as the owner can spend a lot of time and discipline this dog and give this dog a lot of exercise, this dog can bring a lot of joy to the family and you can count on it to be loyal and helpful most of the time.

The herder collie is one type of pastoral dog that is trained in herding.

  • Basic Herding Collie Commands:
  • Stand- dog will stop or slow down
  • Wait-lie down-stop, sit
  • Steady-stop or slow down
  • Find-the dog will search for stock and hold it until the shepherd comes  or search for a stock and bark to let you know he found it.
  • Get out- use to scold the collie
  • Bark-is use when force is needed