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Elegant Collie

Collie is a large active dog that looks so elegant and graceful. They are very responsive and friendly to human beings. The have beautiful coats and lean and lean-shaped head. They are considered as devoted family dog as they love children. Primarily, they were used as drover dog; they guide cows, sheeps around the market. Queen Victoria fell in love with this breed when she visited the Scottish highlands during the 1860’s. From then on, collie breed became popular.
Collie’s rough coat can sometime cause people to dislike them, but their coat actually needs to be brushed at least once a week to make it smoother and twice or more during the shedding season. People do love collies most of all because they do not have the smell of a dog.
It is unknown where collies originated but it is a fact that this breed has been used for herding for centuries. 
Taking care of your collie is easy just like caring for your ordinary pet. You have to socialize and walk them out to get them familiar with the environment and neighbourhood. They need you to be frim to keep them obedient. Without a master, they would turn out stubborn. Collies are trainable as they can be very cooperative. Rough collies tend to hate the water once their long coat becomes wet. However, smooth collies are observed to be successful at water rescue as they have shorter hair. The colors of collies are usually sable and white, black, blue merle and white.